• Samantha Hicks

Decorating jobs that your parents would NEVER help you with but look amazing!

Over recent clients projects I have realised that their are certain paint techniques that look fabulous but your nearest and dearest (or old boy decorator) would NEVER do. Some have been known to openly crititise and even refuse to finish the job, just because they think it shouldnt be done. But what's your opinion?

  1. Dark paint in a hallway including painting the walls, skirts and daydoe using the same paint. Standard comment - 'Oh you dont want to do that, it won't look right and it will show up all the dirty marks.

2. Gloss paint on the walls not just the wood. In one of my recent client projects I recommended painting gloss on the ceiling of a small room that had a curved ceiling. The decorator flat out refused and actully walked out on the job, refusing to finish the rest of the work. But look how good it looks! It reflects so much light and really gives that luxe feeling.

3. Paint spots all over a wall or ceiling. This is where you would need someone who has the confidence to make the paint splodges look good. It does look so simple and some builders who have watched me do this have said 'I could do that' but it's not as easy as it looks!. It really makes a feature and is so much easier to change, paint over and cheaper than a wallpaper.

4. Painting UPVC is so simple and so much cheaper than replacing your windows or shower enclosure! "That will look awful" stated my dad. I beg to differ and clients have agreed. Especially with the perfect paint. I highly recommend theblack jack french chic paint for a gorgous matt finish, it doesn't even need priming beforehand! Check out @thehousethatblackbuilt who painted her entire conservatory, inside and out.

5. Wall panelling - This HUGE current trend not only adds texture and interest to a flat single coloured wall. It is really simple so to do yourself and quite inexpensive. There are so many tutorials from amateur DIYers out there and you can see the results instantly and they are just fab-u-lous. I quote a dad I know 'I am NOT f*@%king (excuse his french) having pannelling in my bedroom'

6. Painting the ceiling anything but white - 'This is my f***king house too and I'm not having it' from another dad we know, 'I dont mind as long as it's not like a dungeon' from another. Painted ceilings add that extra dimension to the space, with interior designers referring to it as 'the 5th wall' and always needs serious consideration.

All of the decorating ideas that your mum and dad would never do, quickly transform a space in an inexpensive way, creating the wow factor that you want. So what I am saying is if you want design advice on your space, don't ask your dad! Even though we love our dads dearly, they don't know what's best when it comes to design.

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