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Vintage furniture finds

Having grown up in a 1970s home with decor and furniture that was modern and brand new, my love for vintage first developed whist studying at university. I now thrive of finding and mixing beautifully crafted vintage pieces with bold (and some might say brave) interior design that has inspired me to decorate my own home. I have never been one for spending frivolously and try where possible to wait for sales if I fall in love with something new. The furniture/style that filled my first home definitely reflected this. My husband and I are now on our third Victorian house and interestingly, our third child, one born to every house 😅. With 5yr, 3yr and 13wk old, it is safe to say we won’t be moving again for a while! Our current house was a full renovation project that I documented on my instagram account, our_victorian_home. I wanted to share our journey and our style because we were doing it on a budget and I wanted to show people how amazingly pre-owned/vintage pieces can work in a “modern” trend aware home. My favourite place to find gorgeous pre-loved furniture is our local antique auction ‘Arthur Johnson’. It’s almost a Saturday ritual! We get down there nice and early for a scour around, a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich and good old people watch. There are so many interesting people to chat too and bounce ideas off. We also love our local reclamation yard, ‘Nottingham Reclaims’. We’ve had so many fab finds here, from fireplaces, to doors, to tiles. It is a real treasure trove. Charity shops can be hit or miss for furniture but it is so, so satisfying when you find a gem, usually for an unbeatable price! Finally, one of the bests things to come out of Facebook is Facebook marketplace. Here you have to know what you are looking for but if you do it’s more than possible to find it during the break from your favourite soap! You can always bring that marketplace haggle into play too, to negotiate yourself a right bargain 😉. Pre-loved was loved for a reason, get out there and find your new statement

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